The ladies of Holy Cross Batch 83 are an  unforgettable lot –  sometimes because of their beauty  (Jennifer Abellera, Judith Abellanosa, Pamela Ariola, Irene Lapa, Ave Perejan among others); sometimes because of their leadership and intelligence, such as the incomparable Marichu Martinito and Rose Gumba. There are those we recall because of their voices – Elena Tan and Marites Gonzales for example or their athleticism such as Adette Doydora and Susanna Lim who could outrun anybody from here to China.

Others couldn’t be forgotten because they won contests (Martesa Poyogao won for Kahapon Lamang; Teresa Cabansay reached the Provincial level of a Science Poster Making Contest, Malou Claur won a speech contest and the Camp Fabia girls were great dancers. There are others easy to recall because they are attached to someone else – Ninfa Cabalde to John Labis, Marilyn Balahay to Susipatro Labis, Anabel Carlos to, at least for a time, Gary Hanoplo. We recall girls like Rosemarie Cabase because she had a fight with Jorge Liquigan. And we always remember Violy Torres and Althea Faelden because they left Holy Cross before graduation. We all remember Leonila Amper for very unchristian reasons.

And then there is Estela Espinosa, or Yayeng. We remember her because she is simply fun. Yayeng transfered to Manolo after third year because she had a fight with a teacher. But she returned to Holy Cross every day for her love of, well, Gary. But still, Yayeng found a way of being part our batch as she was patroness of everything enjoyable. These days, no reunion without Yayeng would be enjoyable. She drinks, she sings, she dances, and  her laughter is so contagious it triggers a fit. And then she tells stories – incorrigible ones. But perhaps what we love the most about Yayeng is that she is never apologetic about her life choices. She is never regretful and she takes her life slowly – one step at a time. She considers her children as her most precious gift and everything else is up for grabs. So, here are Yayeng’s moods when she joined us in Bohol. And to all Batch 83 members who are planning a fun party — no need to worry. Just make sure Yayeng is there.

Yayeng the eater - hurot tanan sud-an sa coralandia outdoor dining

Yayeng – the videoke queen

the bored shopper in Island Country Mall

the hungry mama sa restaurant ni ates doydora

the beauty queen

the nipa princess -- alimango boardwalk sa abatan river

the crab heiress-- with the alimango farm underneath her

madam butterfly

the religious Yayeng - praying in an ancient grotto in Bohol

Yayeng ang crush sa unggoy

the fashion model - beautifying the sea

the beauty queen and her ladies in waiting

and may she rest in peace


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  1. rose says:

    So Anabel Carlos was playing sweet music together with Gary Janoplo .. at least for a time? and so with Estela Espinosa? was she the former Estela Patron? I never knew that Rey… hehehe TSIKA lang gud. Kaulaw sad ani Rey uy! bisan katong among classroom fight ni Allan Jorge Liquigan kahinumdum ka pa? Hastilan, kabalo man ka sa mga gagmay kay dili gyud pasupil..bully sad kaayo bitaw ning taga Manila ba..hambog. Asa naman to?

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