Green travel destinations in the Philippines are all about the senses. You go to Pampanga and Bicol for the amazing tastes, to Tagaytay for the view of the grandiose Taal Lake, to Baguio for the cold weather, to Malaybalay for the glorious tribal sounds, to Bohol and Palawan for the rare and natural sights, to Sagada for the scents of the pine trees, and to Boracay for the feel of the powdery sand and, well, for everything about the senses.

But you should go to Camiguin Island if you want to take a bath.

Your skin will be exposed to a rare combination of healing, cleansing, relaxing, and refreshing varieties of water, mostly because of the volcanic nature of the whole island. These are the five ways to take a bath in Camiguin.

The soothing forest waters of Katibawasan Falls

The luxuriously warm waters of the Ardent Spring Resort

the freezing cold waters of the Santo Nino Cold Spring in Catarman

the healing and whitening waters of the Soda Pool

and the tanning waters of the White Islands


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