DahilayanAdventure Park is located in Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich less than an hour from Camp Phillips. It sits on the foot of the Mount Kitanglad, so that is reason enough to go. The pine trees and abundant flora are signs of its cool weather. In fact, the main attraction of this park – the zipline which is the longest in Asia – is very dependent on the weather. If it rains, no one flies, but still there are plenty of things to do in Dahilayan.

You can simply relax in one of the wooden benches. The place is excellent for meditation and contemplation. No matter how noisy the children are, the mountain is strong enough to absorb all sounds, so it is still quiet and serene.

The zipline is well-organized and quite affordable. P600 for the whole package (both long and short lines); but if you choose the long line that will cost you P500 pesos so as long as you reach a minimum of 25 kilos or something. Yes, there is a weight requirement. The short line is P250.

This is the lauching pad of the short line. The place is well-secured and safety is guaranteed at all levels.

The longest line looks awesome, although you would wish that the background mountain is not denuded. There is a construction going on to accommodate resort hotels and other amenities.

There are free huts for those who don’t want to pay the entrance fee for the park where picnic tables are available for rent.

There are other adventure activities as well.

Or you can simply tour around the place, such as this  botanical garden that offers nothing exquisite – a lazy concept that wasted its land value and location. Or maybe, there is a greater plan in the making.

The forest park is not so special, but it provides a good place to rest and relax. But, I must assert this: those concrete animals are simply HIDEOUS!!! Whoever thought of adding concrete animals in a mountain resort should be tied to the zipline without a harness.

But, otherwise, I still think Dahilayan is one of the best there is – if only they can do something about that denuded forest.


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  1. claire says:

    anyone we can contact here’ since we are far and wanted to book first before going there……just a cellphone number will do..tnx

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