HCHC Batch 83 st james

I got this classic class picture from my batchmate Franklin Alfanta.  The St. James classroom used to be under the stairs in the farthest corner of the quadrangle. That vacant space to the right had long been transformed into a canteen.  Those two teachers are Mrs. Macasarte and Mrs. Lita Anasco.

I don’t remember these people now, but there are some who look familiar. Most probably some of them are not that cute anymore (look at Orson Cadenas! hehehe), or don’t have that much hair.

Let me see if some of you guys can help me: If I mark an X, it means I need your help.

Top Row Left to Right –  x, Raul Ranara, Rudy Getueza, Norman Paluga,  Eduardo Nieze , Franklin Alfanta, , Asterio Lagumbay, , Salvador Laguerta & Archie Mugot, Mrs. Macasarte, and Mrs. Anasco

Second Row:  Gary Hanoplo, Rhowen Paluga, Melchor Data, Anabel Bagayas, Althea Faelden

Side Row (Staircase): x,x,x,x,

Third Row: Thelma Yecyec,x,x,x, Catherine Teves, x, Noemi Sumaoy, Vhelma Yu, Estrella Gutierrez, x,x,x,x, Apolonia Bataan, x, x

Fourth Row: Orson Cadenas, Roger Naquila,  Cecilio Pumatong, Paulito Lagat


5 responses »

  1. kumusta naman ang posing ni gary

  2. Troy Tabanas says:

    So nostalgic to see those pictures but my memory doesn’t serve me right anymore. Which year level was it?

  3. rose says:

    First year diay ni Rey? Unsa gani tong section namo ni Troy ug Irene? Nah..kalisod ani makahinumdum uy 🙂 tsk tsk.. Gipangita gani nako ako dagway kay wa man diri, hehehe.

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