Tristan Tabanas played life like a pro golfer – always aiming to go under par. And if the life expectancy of the average male is 72 – which is also the par value of his favorite Del Monte Golf Course (just across his home), then to finish the round at 40 is a stroke of genius.

And that is probably the reason why a lot of people last night were happy for Tristan. We were there for the last wake before burial and it felt like a celebration party. True to form, beer was overflowing. Everyone remotely related to Titan came and had fun – families, relatives, friends, neighbors, school mates, classmates of his kids, golfers, politicians, and everyone else who was looking for a good TGIF gig.

Our classmate Danny Casicas – Tristan’s brother outside the bloodline – said something that captured his life: “Galante iyong namatay.”

Such a generous soul is what people remember about Titan. That, and his being a loyal friend. I didn’t know Titan very well. He was still in Grade 4 when we started going to their house because Troy John had a set of encyclopedia for our assignments and we did some cooking. He used to play around while we were there but he never bothered us.

And that is what his cousin Jino also shared to us. He was the kind of man who didn’t want to bother anyone. He kept his troubles to himself and just wanted people to have fun. And so days before his death he posted the very line that defined his life –“Life comes and goes, Enjoy while it lasts.”

And by all appearances, Titan enjoyed his life. He aimed for the perfect score and got it. In scriptural terms 40 is the age of perfection. Noah spent 40 years in the ark before the flood subsided, Israel ate Manna for 40 years, Moses spent 40 days with God in the mount, Saul reigned for 40 years, David reigned for 40 years, Solomon reigned for 40 years, Jesus spent 40 days in the desert. 40 years was considered the time of the fulfillment of promises. But in Titan’s language, that should be a called a hole in one.

Rest in peace Titan.


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  1. Troy Tabanas says:

    Wonderfully done Reyn! Thanks for this page that would immortalize him in the net. Above all he will always stay in our hearts. The other night I had a chat with MiAn who have told me of untold stories of his 13 years as a community dentist. The people of Malitbog would have loved him more than we do. She said that they came in droves to express their support in his send off. It looked like a first Wednesday mass lin his last vigil with the wellspring of support from people of all walks of life. That gave me enough strength to believe he had lived a full life at 40. Ironically they say Life begins at 40. The essence of life as our parents’ legacy is service to others and sharing to others what God has leased, I believe Tristan has done a good job in that field.

  2. gie says:

    well done…very inspiring and so touching…

  3. Thanks Troy. Yes, I was there last night and the outpouring of love from simple folks was simply overwhelming. He was loved, and maybe the 40 years was the fulfillment.

  4. for titan... says:

    i had my first golf game yesterday after quite a time… and after contemplating if i have to play again as golfing reminds me of a very dear friend whom i met while i was on a national tournament…
    the friendship lingered and has progressed. though people knew titan as a golfer and somebody who loved his cigarette and san mig light. i knew him just as others knew him yet i’ve known him differently too…
    within that friendship, i later realized that we were already embracing a common passion. golf became a sideline issue, we discussed and shared readings on updates of the political unrest in the middle east and the weakening of US dollars and Euro against the Asian currencies… that was over and above the novels that we shared and the crossword puzzles that we perfected yes, titan was a street smart, but he definitely was more than that…

  5. joshua kyle says:

    i miss you dad

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