1. Eating the right food is one of the best ways to prepare for the future. What you eat today affects your health now and in years to come. For example, if you drink enough milk, you reduce your chances of osteoporosis when you get old. If you focus on lower-fat foods, you reduce risks of obesity and heart diseases.

2. Preparing and eating food is an art – all senses are delighted. The eyes love the colors of the food, the nose can smell delicious food aroma, your ears like the crunchiness of some food, your touch like the different textures of food, and of course your tongue loves all flavors – salt, sweet, sour, bitter, etc.

3. Food is also a numerical game. A balanced diet means being able to calculate the right amount of calorie intake and how these affect your vital signs like blood pressure, temperature, etc.

4. The science of nutrition is a whole language by itself. You will learn words like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, nutrients, digestion, photosynthesis and others.

5. Food is the subject of a lot of musical compositions and songs especially for children. Bahay Kubo is about food.  Leron leron sinta mentions a fruit – papaya. There are thousands of songs about food or with food in the title such as American Pie, Tea for Two, The Coffee Song, etc.  A restaurant in England offers seafood in its menu while you are given an iPod that plays the sound of the ocean.

6. Eating Filipino food is one of the signs of showing our love for our country. We must develop a taste for delicacies like bibingka, puto, suman, pinakbet, etc.

7. Food is best eaten raw, if possible, so that all its nutrients are preserved. However, science and technology have developed ways to prolong the life of food  through processing and preservation.

8. Eating is a social activity. We enjoy the meal if eaten with our families. Food is served in all parties – even funerals.

9. Food is sacred. These are given by God for our welfare. We should not waste food or abuse our eating habits.


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