What is healthy for rainy day breakfast? A fruit platter of course. If you are lazy, you can just dump several fruits in your plate and eat away, just like what I did in the photo below.

But you can also make a fruit platter worth of a resto banquet. These are the simple steps

1. Use fruits in season
They are cheaper and they taste better because they are ripened properly. Organically produced fruits are preferred. Organic mangoes might be difficult to find because most of the mango trees here in Mindanao have been sprayed with chemicals. But bananas, pineapples, papayas, apples, oranges are all-season fruits so availability wouldn’t be a problem. Here in Camp Phillips, it is cheaper to buy from the producers — there are farms all around us.

2. Play with the colors and flavors
Combine reds (strawberries, cherries, watermelon, papaya), yellows (mangoes, pineapples), orange (California orange or papaya), whites (bananas), and purples (grapes) in bulk. Add some greens to accessorize (kiwi, guava). Mix the sweet, the sour, the bland.

3. Use All Parts of the Fruit – Not Just the Edible Flesh
Use the rinds, stems, leaves, and peels for display. You can create some sort of an installation art using all these parts.

4. Cut Fruit in Bite Sized Pieces
Melon balling is tedious, but it looks so attractive when all the fruit is roughly the same shape. If you don’t have the patience or aren’t using melons, make sure your fruits are cut in bite sized pieces. This makes it easy for guests to scoop up what they want without worrying about cutting.

5. Use a Deep Platter
Fruits are juicy and you want these juice to mix underneath and serve as natural dressing.

6. Try something new
Mix fruits that are not commonly used in restaurants. Try starfruits, jackfruits, duhat, or any fruit in your backyard. Surprise yourself or your family with a new flavor mix.

6. Use your imagination
There are no rules with fruits trays, so let your imagination run wild! Let the fruit colors and flavors to inspire you to create something new.


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  1. gie says:

    wow… very colorful, delicious and healthy…

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