We should have known this a long time ago — sitting for a long time is bad for your health. I was alarmed because I have been sitting for at least ten hours per day for the past six months because of my online job. I started to gain 20 lbs, then 30 lbs now, my back is aching regularly and my feet start to feel weak.

I read this article today in one of my favorite sites Zen Habits:

Here’s the evidence about what sitting can do to you:

And how is this bit of information:
Studies have found out that the a common practice of those SMOKERS who live a long life (contrary to common knowledge) is that they are standing most of the time. The reason why CHEFS, who taste all kinds of food every day including fats, have low incidents of stroke and heart attack is because they are standing most of the time.
So, don’t just sit there. STAND UP! Stand up for your body. Stand up for your rights as well!

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  1. gie says:

    really true…so stand in every opportunity: when your watching tv, when you hear mass, when washing clothes, etc.

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