Like anybody in his generation, my nephew Jessan’s idea of preparing dinner is opening a can of tuna, cooking  instant noodles, or boiling an egg. But even with boiling an egg, he does not do it well and ends up with pieces of broken eggshells in hot water.  But never mind, a young man with hangover the size the Finland will eat anything including softened egg shells.

Cooking eggs is not rocket science. You can do it half-awake that is why it is a good breakfast menu. But you can be creative with if you don’t like hard boiled eggs every morning. Besides, eating hard boiled eggs at home makes you feel like you are in a bus terminal.

The four basic methods to cook eggs are frying, boiling, scrambling, and baking. But there are variations in each method thus you can have a 100 ways to cook eggs.

But there are the ten ways every egg-eater should know:

1. Over-easy

Fry one side of the egg, then flip the egg and fry the other side for a few seconds. Remove immediately.

2. Sunny-side up


Fry one side of the egg thoroughly.Unlike with over-easy in which you need to flip, here you let it stay so that the heat will permeate the other side. The yolks are left in its liquid form. You should use low fire  of course, or else you will end up with charcoal-flavored egg.

3. Hard boiled

Place the whole egg in a boiling water and leave it there to cook for at least 12 minutes. Sometimes, when the egg is too fresh, the shells sticks to the egg making it difficult to peel. Crack the shell first by softly tapping with spoon all over before peeling.

4. Soft boiled

Place eggs in boiling water and cook for one minute. Then  turn the heat off and keep it in it’s warm water bath for an additional 10 min. Don’t forget to add salt right after breaking the shell. The heat will melt the salt evenly.

5. Basted

If you don’t have an iron plate, use your usual frying pan. Cook your egg just like the sunny-side up but this time, pour hot oil from the pan over the egg until the top is cooked slightly. DO NOT flip the egg.

6. Over-hard

The opposite of over-easy (what else!). Fry one side first then flipped to fry the other side. The egg yolk should be solid but not hard.

7. Poached

Instead of using oil, cook the egg in boiling water. Once the water boils, reduce fire to bring the water to a simmer.  Crack the egg and place it in the simmering water until it is cooked perfectly. You can also place salt in the simmering water if you want to season your egg while poaching. The other option is add salt right before eating. Or after eating, who cares?

8. Steam-basted

This one is a bit tricky. Fry one side of the egg first. But instead of pouring oil ever the egg (basting), add a little water on the pan and cover the pan. The steam will cook the egg. Why go through the trouble? It tastes better actually!

9. Shirred

If you have an oven at home, then bake your eggs. Open the eggs and place them in a baking cup. Add butter on top and bake for ten to twelve minutes in pre-heated overn (325 F). In French cooking this is called oeufs en cocotte.

10. Scrambled

Whisk the eggs thoroughly and season according to taste. Fry the whisked egg in a pan constantly stirring (if you prefer, otherwise you can leave it smooth). Omelets are based on scrambled eggs.


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  1. Marilou says:

    I’m lazy so I poach eggs in the microwave. Put the egg in a microwable cup and pierce the yolk with a fork and it only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to cook.
    I also have an automatic egg boiler that I bought in Germany. When I was there on holiday once, I was very curious how the hotel restaurant always made perfect boiled eggs all the time – be it soft, medium or hardboiled. So I asked the chef what his secret is. He invited me to his kitchen and showed me this automatic electric boiler – you choose the setting and voila! it beeps when the egg is cooked as you like it. So I ended buying a gadget for myself.

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