the Parish Church of Camp Phillips

What did people in the camp talk about this week:

a. The series of burglar attacks. The latest victims were the mother of Frankie Minoza in San Miguel and his uncle Paul.

b. The new curfew policy. No one is allowed to aimlessly roam around the streets by 10PM.

c. Cadre Security – and their failure to prevent the crimes. As a token of their effectiveness,  two drunk beggars were promptly arrested yesterday. As if!

d. the Tagalog – speaking yuppies parading around the camp. Must be future supervisors and managers or something like that.

e. incoming fiesta of Camp JMC on May 15

f. the rumored rift between Holy Cross High School and Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School

g. the false alarm last Friday.  At 2:45 pm the fire alarm rang…and the fire truck rushed to the scene in order to put off a …tarannnnnnnn…. hinaling nga dahon.


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