This is especially for mothers who are too old or too weak to go malling (the modern day ritual that substitutes all celebrations). Try a picnic.

a. Go to a place that is memorable to your mom. Maybe the playground of her childhood; or the park where she and your dad first dated; or the shore where she used to walk as a young mother. Or it could a place that reminds her of the gift of life such as a garden.

b. Bring her favorite food. If possible, cook from scratch. Today’s children are too lazy to do stuff in the kitchen and their idea of a banquet is lechon manok or Jolibee meal. C’mon, you can do better than that. For once, make it worthwhile by cooking from scratch – buy the freshest ingredients and follow your mom’s recipe.

c. Bring the grandchildren and all the little ones. Nothing warms the heart of old moms than to see the young ones playing around and running all over the place.

d. Spend some time for storytelling. Listen to your mom’s narratives of what life used to be. Yes, we have heard them all, but we will listen again. After all, we listen to the familiar gospel every Sunday because we don’t get tired of listening to the stories of people we love.

e. Prepare a simple gift. For old moms, materials are less important than memories. Spend some time creating a new album or a scrap book, or anything you think will bring happiness to her old age.

Happy mother’s day to all!


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