Why go camping?

This summer, when the likelihood of rain is highly improbable, why not try camping when you are traveling.

it is good for your pocket

Why spend so much on hotels and resort rooms when sometimes camping will do? Whether you are on the beach or in the mountain, camping saves a lot of money. You might need to pay a small fee in some areas because of the security guard, but oftentimes, it is for free.

it is good for the earth

You cut down on your carbon footprint when you go camping. No need for airconditioners, refrigerators, lights and all. Just you, your loved ones, and the starlights.

it is good for your health
it is a good fitness exercise. To set up the tent requires good stretching and lifting. The air is much fresher. And the stresses are less likely than dealing with hotel staff and pesky guests. Plus, you can bring your pets.


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