sunrise in camp phillips

If you plan to go to Dahilayan Zipline, or its  counterpart, Kampo Juan, this summer, make sure you
drop by Camp Phillips. There is not much to do, but there is so much to see.

a. experience plantation living. Notice how tree- lined streets are so straight and equidistant. See
how houses are uniformly built. Appreciate the gardens in each of the home you see. Take note that
everything is within walking distance - the church, the co-op, the offices, the post office, the schools,
the playground, the beauty parlor, the gym, the social hall. Stand in the middle of the plaza, and
you can see everything around you in one 360 degree turn.

b.survey closely the pineapple plantation. Don't just take photos. Make sure you see all operations - land
prep, the planting, the cultural practices, the spraying, the harvest, and the post -harvest

c. arrange a visit to the packing shed - that is where pineapples are packed for export. It is educational
and fun at the same time. Besides, they often serve you fresh pineapples on the spot.

d. taste the incomparable steak at the Bungalow. it is open every day. it is a bit expensive, but heck,
no other steak in the country tastes as good.

e. swing at the del monte golf course. 

The whole thing can be done in half a day. Why hurry to go back to the heat and polluted air of the city
when you can commune with nature here and enjoy the cool breeze even at the height of summer.

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  1. Hi there, I was in Camp Phillips just last weekend and quite enjoyed the place. I was wondering why it’s called a “camp”? Was Camp Phillips established the same time with the Del Monte planation or was it a separate American forces station before? There’s limited info and just thought to ask a resident.

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