There are Chinese Jars and Vigan burnay all over the  Montegelo Agro-tourism Center. They don’t belong
there. They don’t accessorize the landscape, they distract. But that is the only thing you can complain  about this beautiful place. That, and the crappy service from ill-trained staff.

the natural pool

But you are willing to forgive the jars, and try your best to ignore the inefficient reception and hotel staff. Because the floral gardens are breathtaking.The river is simply awe-inspiring. The pool is  refreshing. And everything else is a delight.

This is a hidden valley that looks and feels like a secret garden. Yeah, just like in the movies. The
owner, Dr. Obrero (who used to work in the Research Department of Philippine Packing Corporation ) has
developed several varities of bromeliads which are reasons enough to come. I am not sure if he did a
specie count, but I am sure it must be hundreds.

The pool has the look and the feel of a natural spring, which matches the forest right above it, and
the river the flows by its side.

The cost is expensive, and the locals are sure to be turned off. P100 per person as entrance fee, and the
P150 per person for lunch might be okay for a couple. But for a family of ten, that is preposterous.

The hotel rooms are probably the most expensive in the Bukidnon, which should be worth it if not for the
frowning service crew who don’t know how to smile.

But then again, there are places like the grotto and the waterfalls where no frowning staff will disturb
you. Here in Montegelo, they leave you alone. Maybe that is for the best.

Besides, the Del MOnte Golf Club is practically just across the street.

How to go there:

From Cagayan de Oro, take a bus going to Malaybalay. Stop at the gate of Obrero just few kilometers before
the town proper of Manolo Fortich. You won’t miss it.


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  1. Marilou says:

    I hope the owner or the manager of the place reads this.

  2. Thessa says:

    First, thank you for the article about my parents’ place. I noticed this article was written 2011. Since then, numerous “customer service” training sessions have been implemented with the goal of providing a friendly atmosphere. Please keep in mind, most of the employees are from the neighboring areas and may have less exposure to this kind of business (at that time). Few of them…desperately seeking for jobs/income. I’ve been home 2013, 2014 and noticed an improvement with the friendliness of the employees. I think they were just shy before…now, they feel at ease/comfortable with a sense of pride with their job. I hope you can give The Obrero Place another try…the jars might still be there 🙂 but yes…the place is still peaceful and beautiful. Glad to see my dad using it as his “playground”!

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