Yesterday was Earth Day, but it fell on a Good Friday, so it went unnoticed. However because this blog made a commitment to the international committee to make a contribution, I decided to focus on promoting earth-friendly celebrations.

In the 60s and 70s, my family’s menu for a child’s birthday party was pretty much the same:

native chicken
pritong saging

My mother would butcher a chicken early in the morning. The blood would then be used to bless the celebrant by crossing his or her forehead. The whole town would know that it was your birthday because you were not allowed to remove that blood in your forehead until end of the day.

Lourymae's Second Birthday - 1983

By the 80s, the parties had

birthday cake with candles, ice-cream, puto, juice, and sandwiches

We still used utensils, china kitchenware and fragile cups. Since the kids were dancing around, almost half of the plates would be broken by the time the party ended.

rachel lou's birthday

By the 90s, there were already balloons, party hats, and the use of paper plates and the hideous styrocups. This was the beginning of parties that destroyed the environment. Because later, paper plates were replaced with styro plates.

Jessan's Jollibee Party

By the 90s, Jollibee reared its ugly head. And children’s party became an event of consumerism: chemically-injected fried chicken, factory-made spaghettis, styro containers, styro cup. Lately, Jollibee and its main competition McDonalds have moved towards more environmentally-friendly parties – back to paper plates and recyclable cups.

Today, at least in the US and in Manila, parents are now moving into organic parties for their children, such as this feature on Kids Birthday Party Ideas.


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  1. anna says:

    Styro turns me off, plastic forks and spoons don’t feel right when I use them and styro cups…they’re all my pet peeves.

    One day I would get the nerve to go to a fastfood chain, place an order, hand them a plate from my own kitchen for them to put my ‘food’ in. I should get a discount to do that =)

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