Note: Starting this week, Thursday is a Sustainable Blog Feature Day. I have been surfing the internet for three months now to look for sites that specialize in sustainable living, and I am pleasantly surprised to discover that there are hundreds of them. Indeed, the movement is expanding and increasing in all parts of the globe.

Today, I feature Lighter Footsteps, which is not part of the Mother Nature Network, is so far one of the best references on Sustainable Living, although its context, understandably, is very American.  This is how they introduce themselves:

Lighter Footstep is published by Vida Verde Media, a green publishing company with offices near the sparking white sand beaches of Pensacola, Florida. What you see here is how we live. Our writers, editors, and management are all committed to greening the way we live, work, and play.

Since January, 2007, Lighter Footstep has been a leader in practical green living. We’ve appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered, been voted one of Read/Write Web’s Top 35 Environmental websites, and have been cited by Wikipedia, Lifehacker, Treehugger, and dozens of the Web’s most popular destinations.

The articles range from inspirational, like this

5 ways to put the joy back into going green
or  practical, such as this

How to start a home rain barrel project


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