One of the main decisions I made when I committed to a frugal and sustainable life was to buy quality and healthy food produce in bulk directly from the food producer.

There are advantages I can think of:

a. because there are no middle men, the price is much cheaper,
b. because I buy after harvest, the product is fresh and with a guarantee that no preservatives are added
c. because I buy from local producers, I help in the local businesses and the in the livelihood of farmers
d. I reduce packaging waste, thus help the environment

Like this week, I got a sack of brown rice from my farmer-friend Ondoy Paluga. It is from his own farm and he sold it to me at 36 pesos per kilo, that is 4 pesos lower than the market price.

Of course, the other advantage of buying from a friend is that the product gets delivered to your home.


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  1. Marilou says:

    Wow that’s a good buy indeed. It’s one of the perks of buying local and I believe in patronising the local farmers and the local market. Ah the advantages of bukid life – fresh produce at reasonable price.

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