Fortunately, our house in the mountain camp is very ideal for composting. We have a space for composting, thus we don’t require a bin. Our neighbor’s son actually inspired me to do composting. His compost heap looks so fertile.

I dug out a compost pit near the langka tree at the back of the house. It is far enough from the house, so any odor it will exude can be avoided. It is elevated enough so that when it rains, it won’t get inundated. And there is enough sunlight to help in the decomposition process.

I started with a combination of dried leaves and green manure. Then I added some kitchen wastes, mostly vegetable peelings, because the cats need the fishbones.  I added some earthworms as well.

I will see how this will turn out. I certainly need some organic matter for a project I am doing to grow a fragrant garden – a combination of herbs and edible flowers.

It looks something like this — but I will post some photos when the camera is back.


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  1. Marilou says:

    I do my own composting too. My composting bin is a big plastic drum with the base taken out so that the composting matter touches the earth. On one side at the bottom there’s also a small hatch that I could slide in order to check and collect the compost when it’s ready to use without disturbing the new waste collected at the top top of the heap.
    I put in cut grass from the lawn, leaves, and most kitchen waste (except cooked leftover food). I include fruit (minus the seeds) and vegetable peelings, crushed eggshells, teabags, used coffee granules (you can also ask these free from Starbucks or other coffee bars). I have this big plastic ice cream tub near my kitchen sink that I use to collect the waste until it’s full before taking them out to the composting bin in the back garden. By the way, I also alternate kitchen waste with layers of shredded paper, cardboard boxes, kitchen and toilet paper tubes in between.
    Happy composting!

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