the camp main street -dark except the headlights

Or actually Earth Hours! Del Monte has been practicing voluntary energy savings for years now. Every Saturday from 2 – 5 pm, the residences in Camp 1, 9, 12  and 14 have no electricity and the people are not complaining. They are used to it and they know that it saves money as well as reduce, at least, our carbon footprint.

a motorcycle passed by – maybe next time, earth hour should include empty roads as well

Because today is scheduled for Earth Hour, the camp administrators decided to move the blackout time to 530 – 930 pm, so that the last hour coincides with the global advocacy. The whole camp was dark, except the headlights. Well, for obvious reasons, the office compound and the Parish Church were the exceptions.

the Hall and the Compound were exceptions

But nobody was complaining. It was announced days ahead and the people were prepared. All in all, it was  quiet but meaningful celebration of the Earth Hour – dark, quiet, and cold.


For those who did not cooperate today, you still have the rest of the year to catch up!

the last hour 830 - 930


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