I am still looking for the best way to practice splitting here in the camp. The Coop here has grown to become a corporate business with no semblance of what a consumer coop should be, except for the annual dividends and patronage refund. I mean, the prices are simply preposterous.

Splitting means to look for a group so we can buy our supplies in bulk and split the cost.



1. IT SAVES MONEY – retail is very expensive, mall retail much so because you are paying for added value like the airconditioning of Lim Ket Kai, the security guards of SM, etc. If you buy in bulk, just think of this: the profit that goes to retailers goes to you. Splitting allows you to get the wholesale price but not the quantity because you just get the supply that you need.


2. IT SAVES TIME – if you buy in bulk, suppliers usually deliver them to your home.

3. IT SAVES ENERGY – the same way, you cut down your trips to the grocery or to the mall.

4. IT SAVES STORAGE – if you buy in bulk without splitting, you need a big cupboard to store your supplies. With splitting, you don’t have that problem.


So, let’s split. Why not?


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