I was reading this blog on farm and country style of home decorating which I am using for our Camp Phillips residence when I got this inspiration to look at how we have been recycling home decors even before it became a global trend.

This was taken when Jessan and Jezza were two and three years old respectively

This was taken almost twenty years ago. See that side table? That wooden egret is a vintage Paete carving given as a gift by one of our cousins who used to live in Manila.

the wooden egret flew from the sala to the garden

And that red lampshade? Well, here it is now.

from lampshade to flower vase

And here two more recycling photos:

from a sound system to a base (see above)

that vintage brass last supper on a red velvet background...


is now naked in the kitchen wall

There are many advantages in recycling home decors:

a. it is more economical

b. it anchors our sense of home. Even if there are new curtains and new appliances every few years or so, these recycled items remind us of the best memories we have of home

c. it is a wise investment. Those  Chinese jars we have will probably cost a fortune when Jessan’s grandchildren will decide to sell them.

I hope not.


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