Recycling those items that stacked up in the backyard.

I hate to see old stuff just kept in the backyard. They add to the clutter and oftentimes will just rot away. Frugality is not so much keeping things even if you don’t need them. That is selfishness. So, I decided to remove all items there. Those that can be used, I looked for a place in the garden. The rest I gave to the husband of our laundrywoman for him to sell in the junkshop — added income to his family.


This old aquarium was still perfect as a centerpiece in the garden shed. I placed some potted flowers inside, and all those toys in the waste basket.



This mat was rotting away underneath the kitchen. I removed all dirt and used as an added attraction to the garden dining set.  I found an iron Christmas tree which I use to hang the little baskets collected by my sisters from all those weddings.



This old rattan chair was also waiting for the termites to consume it. I dusted it off, placed some unused cloth and drapes and transformed it into a garden accessory. Why not?

The rest were off to the junk shop.


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  1. Marilou says:

    Instead of potted plants, you can also make a little rock garden inside the old aquarium using dwarf variety plants or cactus plants.

    The old mat can be recycled – you can cut them into squares and made into cushions for that old rattan chair.

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