Note: This is a work in progress. Part of my New Year 2011 Resolution is to reinvent the interiors and the landscape at home in ways that reflect three values: aesthetics, frugality, and earth-friendliness.

Today, I began to create a plan to transform the front yard. Since I decided NEVER TO SPEND anything for the garden this year, my strategy has to be RE-USE, REDUCE, RECYCLE – this time, not waste, but ornamental plants and accessories.

For beginners, I decided to put more emphasis on centerpieces so that the place will look as if it has several nooks and corners. This is more efficient because I am using a country style approach that reflects the beauty of this mountain and the richness of its flora.

I found a few species I can use as centerpieces:

The two important eye-catchers would have to be the Douglas Fir at the entrance of the garden shed, and this tree which Francis Rivera planted, the name of which I really don’t have a clue.

The entrance to the driveway is well-covered with this pygmy date palm.  I have second thought about this one because the leaves are thorny, so I have to make sure that it is trimmed regularly.

My two other options are this small pine tree and the cluster of  Cycas revoluta.  Fortunately, the swing set fits well with the various palms around it in the background.

More to do….


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  1. Marilou says:

    Hi Tagabukid8705 – Like you, my garden is a work in progress (on its 3rd year now!) It’s taking a long time as I haven’t got a clue about gardening. I’m basically a “newbie” and gardening by trial and error. I’m glad I found your blog thru BukidnonOnline. No doubt I’ll be back for more info about plants. By the way, most of my plants are gifts or begged from friends so they’re very special.

    • Hi Marilou,

      thank you. That is great! Me too. Part of my frugality is a decision not to buy seeds and seedlings. People here in Camp Phillips are generous when it comes to plants – ornamentals, or vegies. So, we simply need to ask around. In case you happen to pass by our camp, give me a heads up. I have lots of plants I am willing to share to my garden enthusiasts.

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